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Our world is filled with people seeking immediate satisfaction and instant gratification. We’re short on patience and long on self-promotion. We want to be noticed now and by any means necessary. We want everything now. We want success now. Time has become the new four letter word. We want attention now. We want to get paid and promoted now, and we want to be loved now, neglecting the truth that good things, good success and good relationships take time.

Our greatest fear is fading into the background or becoming forgotten. Our greatest desire is to stay relevant. Fueled by a celebrity culture that promotes currentcy as currency. Today’s celebrities are constantly doing, saying or posting anything that keeps people talking about them. It’s no longer about quality but relevancy. This behavior isn’t just relegated to celebrities and fame whores, everyday people are seeking relevancy over purpose.

Live for an audience of One

So how do we become timeless in the age of immediacy? First, we start by living for an audience of One. This makes life more manageable and purpose. You can’t improve what you can’t manage. You can’t manage the expectations of others, and living for theie approvals will only make us lose ourselves. When we live to please God, we please those that matter most, and our lives have direction, foundation and purpose.

Don’t compete, commit to evolving

Trying to be noticed in a world filled with attention-seekers, many us fall into competing instead of being. Our every action and motive seeks to gain an advantage. Instead of growing, evolving, we become fueled by performance, competing for a prize that doesn’t exist. You can’t have sustainable and good success without a strong foundation and selfless purpose. Competing with others make you performance driven, ignoring your maturation process and mental and spritual growth.

Display your values, not your thirst

You can’t win the heart of a man by reducing yourself to the lowest common denominator. Know who you are and what’s important to you. Whether at school, work or on social media, display those values and you will draw the affection and admiration of the right friends and that special person. Real love starts with knowing you’re already loved and accepted. So live a life that grows you and brings God glory. If you’re in it for any other reason, you’ll get the attention, the likes and the followers, but love and meaningful relationships will always be elusive.

Commit to excellence and recognition will come

Wanna get promoted at work? Do your job, excel at your tasks and responsibilities because you love what you do and/or because your name is on it. My fourth grade teacher used to say that when you write your name on your paper, make sure it represents your best effort before you turn it in. So do your best work everyday, not just to be promoted but because your name and reputation are on your work. Doing things to get ahead will always leave you behind. Everyone can see through self-serving behaviors. But when you do your work to the best of your ability, you become better at what you do, and excellence is difficult to ignore. Plus your peace ultimately comes from knowing that your future and your success are in God’s hands. No need to fret.

Instant gratification can leave you with lasting scars, but living a life with purpose and on purpose propels you to timeless status. You’re not moved by fads or trends. You’re not quick to fall for well-dressed lies and fleeting emotions and desires. You’re rooted in truth. Truth is timeless. So are you.