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Dear Twenty-Sixteen,

You came in on a high note. We met in the Arizona desert. You came in with a win, a Fiesta Bowl win. You were filled with so much optimism, so many endless possibilities. Each day, you promised 24 hours. and you delivered. Yes there were mountaintop experiences along with valley moments, moments of disappointments and discouragements, moments of sadness and loss, but that wasn’t your fault. Our choices, the choices of others and forces beyond our understanding or control contributed or caused our misfortunes, not you 2016, not you.

Each day you delivered us a new 24. What we did with that time and how we spent those moments were our choice, our decision and our right. We can’t blame you for the wrong people we allowed into our day, our minds and our hearts.  We laughed, cried, hated and were hated in 2016. We sought new political leadership and bid farewell to old friendships and relationships. We can’t blame you for the ill-fated motives of others that brought us pain, anger and sadness.

Death happened, seemed like the most deaths in a long time. But you weren’t the cause of the deaths. Death is very much a part of life. What a life we had in 2016. We saw a new sunrise and a new sunset every morning and every evening. Each sunset unique with its own divine beauty and radiance. Each morning was filled with brand new mercies and opportunities to do better and be better. It was our choice to pursue betterment or wallow in despair and self-pity.

However we feel about you, you did what you have always done from the dawn of time to the first day, you 2016 have been consistent. We thank you for your time as you propel us into 2017. Without resolution, may we remember with each day in 2017 that we don’t need a new year to create a new life.  May we be empowered every moment of the new year knowing that the life we have is of our own creation and commit to do better and be better in 2017.