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I woke up this morning thinking about all the doors in my life that God has shut. The ones I desperately wanted opened that I stressed and worried over, doors I thought would put me in better financial and professional positions, doors I thought would make life easier, better and more fulfilling. During those moments of closed doors, we often think it’s the enemy trying to hold us back or keep us down. Many times it is, but the beautiful thing I’ve learned in life is that God will take what the enemy meant to use to destroy us and He will use that to make us stronger. I believe and have seen that God is always more concerned about out growth than our comfort.

So I reflect on those passed closed doors. Doors where those with power thought they had the authority to dictate our destinies, but God was using those closed doors to redirect us and get us back in line with His will, His work and purpose for us. That’s the beauty of closed doors. They’re an opening to deeper trust and strength from God. When we don’t allow closed doors to discourage us, we get the courage to continue to follow the lead of the One who created us, formed us, the giver of our talents and the numberer of our days. He knows what’s best for us. So when folks think they have the power to shut down our progress, God reminds us that our times and success are in His hands.

So that job didn’t work out. That relationship ended. Don’t get anxious. It wasn’t meant for you anyway. Be encouraged. Hold on to His peace. Trust God for your next step. Know this: when He opens a door, no one can shut it.