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This is for the true Ohio State football fans. This is not for the opposing teams’ fans. This is for Buckeye Nation. When you’re watching the games this football season, before you feel the need to live in your emotions and throw hate and/or shade to college players, wait till the end of the game, better yet wait till the end of the season. Greatness is a process.

If last season taught us anything, it taught us to shut up on Twitter when it comes to insulting members of the team and trashing your own team and players. After the Virginia Tech loss, then redshirt freshman JT Barrett was pretty much nailed on a cross and crucified by fans. Yes, the same JT Barrett who broke all Big Ten records and was making it rain touchdowns like a tsunami.

As a mom of a player, you see it all. But our boys are focused on winning, the big picture and the power of the unit. We are champions today because they tuned out the hate and endless shade from some fans, bought into the game-plan and played for each other. It’s one thing for the media to throw shade on your game and your hard work. It’s a whole other thing when you go on Twitter and see your own fans, folks who are supposed to have your back in the stands and on social media, killing you online.

This is not all the fans. Thank you to all the faithful fans that show up in the Shoe and make every away game a home game. Buckeye Nation has the best fanbase in college football; just check the attendance records and TV ratings. This is directed at those game-time emotionally unstable fans. If you may know some. Please get them help.

This is America, and everyone is entitled to his opinions, however hateful and shade-filled. But don’t be that unstable fan: up one minute, raining F-bombs and momma insults the next. I saw fans trash our kids online during the season. Then months later, same fans were praising them after the Sugar Bowl win and throwing them an online parade after the championship win.

Football is an emotional game. I get it. I’m a long-suffering Dallas Cowboys fan and I have friends who are Cleveland Browns fans. We know pain. But try to show emotional restraint on Twitter because the way our boys are working and embracing the grind right now, if you bet against them and trash them on social media, you will end up eating super-sized crow. (Check the files from last season.)

So leave the hate to the haters. It gives them something to do. (Plus if you had any home training, you wouldn’t be online trashing people’s kids). Cheer on your Buckeyes: college kids who work hard all year long to bring you joy every Saturday in the fall. Go Bucks!