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The NFL is a professional league, a business and organization for grown men. While football is a sport played from childhood, in the NFL, football is a man’s game, grown men’s game. While many viewers cringed at how Chad Johnson was released by Miami Dolphins coach, Joe Philbin with HBO’s Hard Knocks cameras rolling, everyone who’s familiar with the NFL this time of year knows that this is a very regular occurence. Guys get cut every week in training camp. Should the coach and the Dolphins organization have stood by a six time Pro Bowler and 11 year NFL veteran? I say no for the same reasons others think he should have kept his job. He’s too old to be acting like a child.

When I was in high school, there were teachers who you could joke around in their classes, and it was all good as long as you did your work. Then there were teachers who just didn’t play that. You had to adjust to the way they did things not the way you want or have always done things. The problem with Chad Johnson turned Chad Ochocinco turned Chad Johnson is whatever last name he chooses, he’s never grown up. It’s all fun and games till you’re in the back of a police car and being fired.

For the few times I’ve tuned into his appearances on Basketball Wives, whenever he was with his estranged wife, Evelyn Lozado, his focus was their sexual chemistry. Like an 8th grade schoolboy, he would consistently refer to her private female parts. For those who believe Evelyn contributed to what occurred in the car that Saturday, I say it doesn’t matter. Ev, as she’s affectionately called, is who she is. Chad knew all about Ev’s temper, and he still married her. Therefore, he should have been more prepared for when her temper flared at him.

Regardless of what Ev may have said or done, like a grown man, Chad should’ve walked away. According to police reports, he didn’t. Evelyn Lozado is filing for divorce and Chad has lost his job, fired on reality TV, a place he’s recently been more productive than on the field. It’s almost Shakespearan. You live by reality TV, you die by reality TV. Hopefully, Chad will learn, grow up and start behaving like a 34 year-old father of four, not a teenager seeking laughs and ass.