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In this life, we’re often overwhelmed or more focused on those in our lives that have betrayed us,  let us down or those we’ve lost.  The holidays are often a reminder of our losses. When we sit at the dinning table or  gather around the tree, we see those who are no longer there. The joy of Christmas often shines a light on our sadness, our losses, our inefficiencies.

Rarely do we focus on the truth that Someone thought we were worthy enough to die for us. We don’t focus on the truth that Jesus left his throne to come to earth to be born, live, die, and rise again to draw us to the Father. This Christmas, let’s not focus on what we’ve lost or even what we think we’ve gained, but let us focus on the ultimate gift of love and salvation. That’s Jesus. That’s Christmas. No matter what changes, He’s the same yesterday, today and forever. No matter what’s missing this season, remember that Jesus’ presence is the greatest gift of all.

Merry Christmas.