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There’s a reason we come into the world alone, one at a time. There are certain seasons and moments in life when we have to walk alone, where we realize that God is our impenetrable foundation. There are times when the people we thought we could trust let us down and the things we thought we could hold onto, are no longer there. In those moments we can either wither or allow the good ground on which we’re standing to grow us.

When I started this blog about six years ago, it was to share my journey in its most real and random form. But there are moments in our life’s journey that leave us almost speechless, trying to internally process before we can invite our friends and strangers into our struggles, heartaches or even our extreme joy. The extremes of life can leave you without words, well often without appropriate words.

Being a writer, I like to understand, process and then express. This past year life changed dramatically for me and my family in so many ways, some good and some challenging. But that’s what makes us connected. Regardless of color, status or education level, life’s challenges skip no one. That’s why it’s so important to show compassion to one another. You just don’t know what the other person is going through. Whatever you’re going through today, let it draw you closer to God. Any challenge that draws you closer to Him, count it all joy.