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Recently I wanted a response from God on a matter that had my soul vexed. I just needed his instructions, a word of peace from heaven to help me navigate my emotions, feelings and responses. I felt His response to my heart petition was mute. I prayed. I cried. I sat before Him in my prayer time speechless because I needed Him to speak but there seemed to be no urgency on His part.

While waiting weeks to hear from God on the matter, I thought about implementing my own solutions, but history has thought me that’s never a wise choice. So I continued to wait. Sometimes I waited anxiously. I was seeking¬†a response for what I wanted instead of seeking Him for His presence.

I was desperate for an answer. This quest consumed my peace and my focus. I kept saying to God “Tell me what to do about this. You know the end from the beginning. Tell me what to do.” ¬†Until He responded to my request, I felt there was nothing else to say in our time together. I was like “God I need to know what to do about this situation and this pain.” In fact What I needed more was the presence of God. In His presence is everything we need: peace, love, contentment, strength, power and joy.

So two days before the new year, I decided to just dance. Usually singing a song would be my go to but this heart vexation required something more hard core. So I danced. As I danced to music of heaven, I felt the weight of the pain dropping off my body, off my heart.

We often believe that we should only dance when we feel good. Sometimes you gotta dance until you feel good. So I danced for hours. As I dance, the songs of praises came. His peace came. His joy ignited within me. My strength and my power enlarged. The answer didn’t come but His presence did and that was all the answer I needed. I didn’t need a response the way I thought I needed one. I needed God to consume me with His presence.

When I was no longer seeking the answer, it came. When it came, my heart, my soul and my spirit were in the perfect space and focus to hear and receive the response. When my focus changed from demanding an answer to just basking in His presence; when I finally decided to focus on how great God is, I saw how small everything else I’d allowed to consume my mind space and heart’s time failed terribly in comparison. He did it in a way that was organic to who I am. I smile when I think about how well He knows me and how deep He loves me.

Daily Reminder: God will speak to you in the language and in the way you understand. You just gotta listen to Him and want just Him.