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Forgive me blog followers. It’s been a month since my last post. So much has been happening in my life; I’ve been taking some time to process. In the past, we would’ve been able to process these life changes together. That’s when there were just 19 of you. Now there are thousands of you and still just one of me. But I promise to do better and post regularly, even daily. Even if it’s just three sentences to say hello and have a great, stress-free day.

This year has truly been a year of lots of personal changes. Some good. Some interesting. Every happening and change has been an opportunity to exercise my faith in God and perfect my patience in His process. I’m still processing and perfecting my patience. I think this will be a lifelong journey of processing.

I’ve done a horrible job of sharing with you guys my recent journeys, from San Diego, London to Columbus, Ohio. I need to do better. I will post pics and analysis from my recent travels soon and some key lessons I’ve learned or noticed along the way.

Thank you all for joining, subscribing, reading, sharing and commenting. Any ugly comments I usually block because who wants to open her life and day to ugliness? Not I. Stay hopeful and keep on laughing. It’s the best medicine, and you don’t need a prescription and there’s no copay.