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Don’t let what you do for a living be your life, your identity, your value source. We are not our job titles. Our job titles don’t define us nor do they represent the fullness of our talents, gifts, abilities and contribution to the world. They’re means to limited provision and financial sustainability, however brief or long term, but they don’t define us as men, as women or as beings. Our jobs are what we do; they’re not who we are. 

When we allow what we do to become who are, we fall into the trap of pride and over-inflated egos or low self value and worth. Our value is first established by our Creator.  He values us above all and has gifted each of us with special talents and abilities. The goal becomes drawing closer to Him. The more we learn about Him and the closer we draw to him, the more clearly we see our uniqueness and more profoundly we discover who we are and the hidden gems placed within us.