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We’ve all done something that we wish we could take back; a day in our lives that weren’t our shiniest moment. Whenever we think about it, we stop living in our present and dwell on that mistake, that bad judgement, that failed accomplishment or relationship. Days, months, years later we’re still gripped by regrets, reliving a moment that should be behind us. If we ever want to live healthy and productive lives, we have to let go of regrets. We have to evict regret from your hearts.

Let’s face it. Regret is not a very good or useful roommate. If you’re living with regret, truth is you’re not really living at all. Regret is a whining, condemning companion always there to manipulate and remind you of who you were and not who you are. Regret wants to keep you locked in the prison of your past, depressed and helpless by what you can’t change. But you can’t let your past mistakes define your present or blur the hope of the future.

Someone asked Eleanor Roosevelt, “How did you accomplish so much with your life?” She said, “I never waste time with regrets.” Regret is a time and joy stealer that will leave you unproductive and stagnate. Regret and hope cannot coexist. You have to choose which you will reside with. Choose to live with hope.