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In my 41 years of life as a black woman, I’ve experienced racism, from jobs, socially to my own neighborhood. I was just hoping at age 14, my daughter wouldn’t encounter such ugliness so soon. Today at Nordstrom’s (our fav store), we both noticed a woman (pictured) following us. I had lost my sunglasses in Phoenix; so I went to look at some in hopes of helping my husband buy me that special Valentine’s Day gift.

The Enemy


The Rude Minion

The woman followed Jordan while my 14 year old child looked at Tory Burch (her favorite designer) handbags. When Jordan joined me at the sunglasses location, the woman followed in pursuit. We tried to ignore her and take pics of the sunglasses I liked, along with a selfie to send to my husband. The woman immediately lashed out at us and rudely told us not to take pics of the Chanel sunglasses that we were really enjoying trying on. She was so rude to us; it was quite upsetting to me. Because I love the Lord, cussing her out and beating her ass in front of the Chanel display was not an option (though briefly considered).

I snapped a picture of the rude minion and sought out a manager in the makeup section which was in close proximity to us. A really nice woman took time to listen with compassion because though I am quite strong, she could see tears forming in my eyes. (It broke my heart that my 14 year old daughter would experience such ugliness from a beautiful place we both love.

The Best

The sweet manager kindly insisted I get a nice mini makeover to help brighten up a dark situation. I honestly just wanted to go on my way, but I’m glad I took her up on such a great offer. I was so blessed to meet a wonderful makeup artist named Victoria (pictured) from Nars (favorite makeup line). She was just amazing. I not only got a great makeup makeover, I made a new friend.

Racism is real and it’s ugly. Unless you’re a person of color, you cannot fully understand the magnitude of being prejudged, harassed, looked down on and devalued because you’re black. The beauty of this situation is my 14 year old daughter also got to see the kindness of the white manager and white makeup artist who treated us as members of humanity with love, professionalism and sincerity. Once again, love wins.