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1. All Kids are a Blessing

All kids are a gift, but not all kids are a blessing. If your kid is 40 and still living at home playing XBox while trying to find himself, he’s clearly not a blessing.

2. You’ll Like Your Kids All the Time

You’ll love your kids all the time, but you won’t like your kids all the time. Who likes folks who eat everything and buy nothing, cleans nothing; takes seven hours to load the dishwasher because they have important Facebook statuses to update and have an answer to your non-questions? Exactly.

3. All kids are cute

All kids are not cute because some kids look like their parents. As long as they’re ugly parents, there will always be uncute kids.

4. Kids Just Need Love

Kids need love, lunch money, car money, mall money and a whole lotta money to keep up with technology peer pressure.

5. Kids Need a Mom and a Dad

Kids need two parents, three therapists, four referees, five grandparents with valid drivers licenses, and a partridge in a pear tree. It takes a village to raise, babysit, and feed a child.