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Sweating if you ain’t in the gym or working out is a problem. It’s too hot to be sweating folks. The following are five people and situations you need to stop sweating.

1. Stop sweating people who don’t call or text you back.

They don’t wanna talk to you. Go find someone who does. Better yet, go read a book.

2. Stop sweating past relationships

They don’t want you anymore. Find someone who does. Past relationships didn’t work out. Let them go. Y’all not together anymore. We don’t need to relive why. No one cares apparently but you.

3. Stop sweating your haters

They don’t like you. They never will. You could come up with a cure for cellulite. They still won’t like you. So stop repeating and rehearsing what they did, said or are saying about you. You’re giving them more attention than they deserve, and you’re giving them more power than they should have. Focus your time, attention and energy to those who love you.

4. Stop sweating your past

It happened. It’s done. Only thing you can do about the past is to learn from it. Stop reliving it. Focus on the present. Stop letting the past eat up all your present. You don’t have time to waste.

5. Stop sweating the future

Plan for the future. Don’t stress about it. Worry won’t change anything but make you bald and big. Surrender the future to God, the right focus, hard work and love, and you will win.