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If Victor Cruz’s reportedly 200 mistresses story taught us anything, it taught us some women wouldn’t leave their men no matter what he did and even if he did it with 200 women. If you’re one of those women who refuse to leave a serial cheater, prepare for a life of misery. ¬†Unless you enjoy being lied to, ladies, the following are five questions you shouldn’t ask your cheating man when you decide to stay:

1.  Where have you been?

That question is fruitless, unless you enjoy hearing yourself ask it or you just enjoy his elaborate stories made up on the fly or on his way from her place. Don’t ask that question because at this point, he’s stopped being creative in his answers. Plus he knows it wouldn’t matter where he’s been. It’s not like you’re going anywhere.

2. Who is Lisa?

Lisa aint you, and Lisa isn’t Tracy, the real woman he was with four hours ago? Why are you even going through his phone anyway? You must just enjoy the drama. Don’t worry about Lisa because Lisa and your man aren’t worried about you. Plus would it matter anyway who Lisa is? It’s not like you’re going anywhere. Just go and sit in the corner with yo mad self and wait to be mad again tomorrow.

3, Why didn’t you answer my calls?

Why would you even ask that cheating man this silly question? He didn’t answer your call because he was too busy with Lisa and ’em. In the past, he would answer the phone and at least pretend he was somewhere else or hanging with the fellas. Now, he doesn’t even bother answering your calls or texts. Plus it wouldn’t matter anyway. It’s not like you’re going anywhere. So quit blowing up his phone and just wait till he gets home, if he gets home.

4. Where are you going?

Only ask this question if you’ve been swimming in Deny River. You clearly haven’t been paying attention. He’s going where he’s going, and he’ll get back when he gets back. Only ask this question to hear what you want to hear. No matter where he tells you he’s going, that’s not where he’ll be. You already know he’s not going where he says he’s going. You just want to make yourself feel like you’re in control of this mess. Plus even if he told you he’s going to Katie’s house, it’s not like you’re going anywhere. So stop with all the questions.

5. Why don’t you love me?

He doesn’t love you because you don’t love you. He knows if you loved and valued yourself, you wouldn’t be with him, accepting and tolerating his bad behavior. If you have to ask this question, you already know the answer. You just want him to give you one of his famous, self-serving reassurance; so you can feel good about the relationship you’ve made up in your head. He’s already shown you how he feels about you, but you refuse to believe him. Plus even if he told you he didn’t love you, it wouldn’t matter. It’s not like you’re going anywhere.