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Anyone who knows me knows I love people, and I love to bring joy and laughter to those around me. I recently relearned that while it’s important not to harbor unforgiveness and malice in your heart towards anyone, the following are five reasons we’ll never be able to get along with everyone.

Folks Are Crazy

Seriously, some people are walking around with undiagnosed mental illness. They look normal, but really, they’re not. They’re insane and either don’t know or have grown accustomed to just smelling their own crap. No matter how kind and friendly you are to them, as long as they’re off their meds, they’ll never reciprocate. So don’t internalize their insanity. Just smile at the crazy people and keep walking. If you don’t, they’ll drive you crazy. Then you’ll be just like them.

Folks Just Don’t Like You

Even if you found the cure for cancer, AIDS, or discovered the formula for world peace, they will never like you. Face it, they just don’t like you, and they never will. Whether it’s the way your face  reminds them of someone else they can’t stand, or perhaps the way you breathe annoys them, they just can’t stand you, and they never will. The nicer you are to them, they more they will hate your nice ass.

Folks Just Don’t Like Themselves

Happy people spread happiness. Miserable people spread sh*t. How people relate and respond to others is more an indication of how they feel about themselves rather than how they feel about you. Don’t take their evil, stank behavior personally. Really, it’s not you. It’s them.

Folks Just Don’t Know Better

Somewhere in their childhood, they learned that you get attention or develop Self-worth by manipulating or bullying others. They think by being mean to you makes them feel special. They’ve yet to learn that being cordial and a lover of people is the greatest testament of maturity and growth. No matter how friendly you are, they will never see you as human. To them, you’re just a string to be pulled. Don’t allow yourself to be manipulated or bullied. Leave their dumb asses alone.

Folks Just Don’t Give a Damn

We live in self-centered times, and folks are just about themselves. They say anything. They do anything not considering how their actions impact others. If you can’t benefit them financially, socially and professionally, be prepared to receive their asses to kiss. They care more about what you can do for them. They’re on a quest to look rich or die trying and will walk over anyone who gets in their way. What they regrettable fail to see is that the greatest wealth is love and friendship. Without love and friendship, their wealth and social status are all just a hologram.