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1. Pick the Right People

For me, there’s nothing worse than watching the most important football game of the year with folks who know nothing about the sport and are completely clueless about the game. Watching the Super Bowl with people who don’t know a sack from an interception or a first down from a touchdown would annoy the hair off my big toe. But I understand for most of the country, the Super Bowl is about the event, the gathering, the parties. If that’s you, then stick with clueless non-football people who are totally oblivious to what’s happening. For me, it’s about the game. Therefore, I need to be around people who know and love the game and can share in my unrestrained bouts of joy,  frustration and glee.

2. Pick the Right Place

Where you watch the game is very important to how you’ll experience the game. Even if I had $2,300 to purchase the cheapest Super Bowl tickets in new Orleans, I’d still choose to watch the game on television. I prefer to be home with family and a couple of friends who know and love the game as much as I do. Some folks love to watch at a sports bar. That’s great. Just be prepared for random, drunk, loud and smelly dudes to be part of your Super Bowl experience. If you choose to watch it with your parents on their 19 inch television, just be ready to sit right in front of the telly to see the plays and obey your parents no noise rules. If you choose to watch it at the home of  friends with a large TV and small football IQ, be prepared to miss the game as you spend the entire time tutoring them on the game as you explain what’s happening minute by minute.

3. Pick the Right Party

Ask yourself: “Do I want to dance or do I want to watch the game? Do I want to hear all about people’s problems and issues or do I just want to watch the game?” To enjoy the Super Bowl, you have to choose the right party. Not all Super Bowl parties are created equally. Some are just for mingling. Others are an eHarmony meet-up where ladies attend to find a man. Others are like Golden Corral where folks are just there to eat till the food is gone. Set your expectation and then choose the Super Bowl party that will meet those expectations. There’s nothing worst than just wanting to watch the game but you can’t because Debbie Downer and Donna Downtrotter have decided to monopolize your time with their 99-hundred problems.

4. Pick the Right Food

The Super Bowl is about the game and the foods. NFL will provide the game, but you have to provide the right foods. This is not a time for Thanksgiving meal. Super Bowl foods are finger foods you can eat while watching the game. It’s about choosing foods that you can eat quickly and foods that digest easily. There’s nothing like eating the wrong food and missing the game.

5. Pick the Right Emotion

Be prepared that your team may lose. That’s right. There are two teams in the Super Bowl and only one can win. Before watching the game, have an honest conversation with yourself and rehearse your emotions. There’s nothing worse than busting your friend’s TV when your team loses, spending Super Bowl night in jail all because you lost it and hadn’t anticipated that perhaps your team, though favored to win, may lose.