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You just popped the question to your girlfriend and not surprisingly, she said yes. Congratulations. You’re officially engaged. Your life is now about to change forever. Before you make your engagement party or wedding guests list, the following are five businesses you need to get in order…

Clean out your phone book

Now is the time to delete the phone numbers of every woman you’ve ever dated, slept with, thought about sleeping with. Delete their numbers from your phone and their faces from your Facebook. You know you’re ready for marriage when the only women in your cell are your mom, sisters, and grandmas. Oh and cut off the standby girl(s). Yes, you have them. You know, your security blanket. The friend with benefits. Yes, her. She must go. Don’t just delete her number. Call her and let her know her services are no longer needed. Be firm. Be straight. Say goodbye.

Talk to your mom

This is a great time to have a sit down with your mom to set some ground rules in place. She may no longer just show up to your house to do laundry or cook meals.  Let momma know she no longer has a say in your life. You’re about to have a life partner whose feelings and voice, along with yours, is the deciding factor in your life. Let momma know the number one woman in your life now is your fiance, your future wife.

Check your friends

Tell your friends to chill and that change is coming. You can no longer be the wing man or stay out late helping them meet random women in random places, and you can’t spend all your money on beer and sports tickets. You’re about to have a wife and she’s going to need new shoes, regularly. Bottom line, you wont be available all the time for guys night out. Remind your friends how committed you are to your new life. If they can’t nurture your fidelity, they will have to be replaced. This is not a call to replace your single friends. It’s just a reminder to your friends to respect your new status as a husband and not to put you in situations that could compromise your marriage. So topless nights at Delilah’s are out!

Check your money

She’s not marrying you for your cash, and if you chose well, she has her own career and professional aspirations. However, you can’t go into a marriage with irresponsible financial habits. Make a deeper commitment to saving. Make sure you’re able to provide for a wife and potential family. Reexamine your financial priorities and career goals. Remember, it’s no longer about you. You’re a we now.

Call your pastor or spiritual adviser

Get your pastor on the phone asap. Not just to set up a wedding date but to set up regular counseling and talking sessions. Marriage is a journey of the unexpected, full of changes and expectations. You’re going to need someone with divine wisdom to talk with you, counsel you and help you on this journey. Don’t wait till things get hectic to seek out counseling. Invest in the health of your marriage now by talking with a pastor or spiritual adviser who can help you see things clearly; so you can enter your marriage with confidence. You won’t get it all right all the time, but you will have an accountability partner and man of wisdom walking with you in your new role as husband.