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Words are precious but most people waste words, talking repeatedly about things no one wants to hear. The following are five things you may be going on and on about that is driving those around you internally crazy. If you’re not invited to a barbecue this summer, it’s probably because you can’t shut up about the following:

How Cute Your Baby Is

Your baby is a cutie but no one really cares quite like you do. They’re tired of the constant barrage of pictures and endless commentaries about your baby’s genius trait just because he can pass gas and smile. To everyone else, your baby is just a bald little bubble.

How Much You Hate Your Job

Will you just quit already! Your friends are really tired of hearing you complain about your boss, especially your friend who hasn’t been able to find full time work since George Dubya left office and took America’s disposal income with him. Shut up about your job woes. At least you’re getting paid to be miserable. Your friends have to listen to your sh*t without payment.

How Unhappy You Are With Your Boyfriend

Break up with him already so your friends don’t have to hear about how he’s the second coming of satan. You hate everything about him, but he consumes your thoughts and everyone else’s mental space. Please break up or shut up about him before your friends break up with you.

How Broke You Are

Your broke is me soliloquy is growing tired. Your broke cries are always followed by a request for a loan you know you aren’t going to repay and a shopping trip for new unnecessary and overpriced footwear. Stop crying broke when your car is new and your wine us old. Somewhere someone who’s really broke is praying to have your problems.

How Fat You’re Getting

Stop counting the calories in everyone else’s food, snacks and butter pecan ice cream. Just because you’re starving yourself doesn’t mean the rest of us shouldn’t eat what we want. Your size ten friends are tire of hearing your skinny size two ass complain about how fat you’re getting. Have a McRib and shut up!