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Successful people aren’t immune from life’s hardships. Everyone is fighting a battle. Success also doesn’t mean the absence of troubles. Successful people, winners are those who focus on the bigger picture, getting better and making the process of progression work in their favor. Want to be successful, a winner? First stop equating money with success. Then check out the following five things losers do that winners don’t.

Losers Blame Others

Their lives are never their responsibilities, and their mistakes are never their own. It’s always somebody else’s fault. Their parents didn’t hug them. Their teachers and coaches didn’t like them.  Their fingers are always pointed at everyone else but themselves. But how can you improve, progress if you’re not willing to take responsibility for your mistakes? You can’t improve at something you’ve failed to acknowledge is flawed or broken.

Losers life for the approval of others

Like circus monkeys, they live for applause. Therefore, they die by criticism. They want to be loved and accepted by all. In their quest for universal love and acceptance, they lose themselves. You can’t be a winner if you don’t know who you are, and you’ll never discover yourself if you keep looking in the faces of others to find your value and worth.

Losers don’t learn from their mistakes

They keep making the the same mistakes over and over; doing the same things and somehow expecting different results. They want everything and everyone else to change; so they can avoid changing. They mask their mistakes instead of learning and growing from them. They’re always in the same place and same predicament, simply because they refuse to learn the lessons their mistakes have been trying to teach them.

Losers value money over people

They don’t value people. They only value what others can do for them and give them. They worship money and fancy things and hold zero respect for people, relationships and teamwork. They’re all about themselves and how they can get ahead. They’re more concerned about wealth than healthy relationships with others. They spend most of their time using money to mask their inner insecurities and emotional poverty.

Losers make excuses

They believe excuses really matter. They wholeheartedly believe excuses negate them from responsiblities. They always have a reason why they didn’t fulfill a task or complete assignment. They have an excuse for every failure and mess-up. They fail to realize that the same energy and time they put into making excuses, they could be putting into becoming a person of excellence.