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The conversations about Beyonce’s younger sister, Solange Knowles, attacking Jay Z have been endless. About 10 minutes after TMZ released the elevator footage of Solange angrily attacking the rap and business mogul, Twitter blew up. Yes, it’s clear that 27 year-old Solange Knowles was heated, upset, enraged when she entered the elevator and attacked Jay Z, but the following are some important things we also learned from that footage.

Jay Z and Bey showed true class when they didn’t know cameras were on

No one in the elevator knew they were being videotaped or that the contents of the video would be seen worldwide. With reality TV cameras and their fake realities everywhere, it’s refreshing to see how people truly behave when they don’t know the cameras are on. Solange in her rage was met with calm by both Beyoncé and Jay. While you couldn’t hear what was being said, it’s obvious that both Jay and Bey kept their cool. In today’s reality drama, people act a fool for the cameras. It was nice to see Mr. and Mrs. Carter, while provoked, were class acts. If Jay Z can keep it classy and calm while being hit and kicked, no one else on TV has an excuse.

The bodyguard was ill-prepared

We also learned that Jay Z’s bodyguard is the worst bodyguard since Kevin Costner. In the extended footage, you can see the bodyguard exiting the elevator with Beyoncé while leaving Jay alone with a still enraged Solange, as she launched into yet another attack against Jay. This dude should be fired or at least reassigned to middle school security. He didn’t do his job and wasn’t quick enough on his feet. While he probably wasn’t prepared to have to protect his client from a family member, he should’ve known from the heated argument and steam coming out of Solange’s ears and nostrils that this wasn’t going to go well.

Jay Z is a true gentleman

I’d always heard from friends in the media and hospitality industry that Jay is a really cool, calm and laid back guy. While many on social media would like to clown him for not retaliating, I applaud Jay’s gentlemanly response to Solange’s unladylike behavior. While we don’t know what was said, there’s no excuse to attack him like she did. But he kept his cool and never struck her. At the end of the footage, he even picked up her purse and gave it to Beyonce who gave it to his attacker. In a time when men are physically abusing and routinely disrespecting women, it’s great to see a true gentleman restrain himself. Jay gets much respect from me and all the common sense people of the world.

Beyoncé’s non response was perfect response

People have also been criticizing Beyoncé for not stepping in or restraining her sister. Beyoncé knows her sister has cray tendencies, and she knew Solange was not listening to reason; therefore, checking her would’ve been unfruitful. This is not fear. This is wisdom. You can’t diffuse anger with anger or with reason. Beyoncé did the right thing. She stayed calm, hoping her sister would find her center and calm down too. If Bey had done anymore than she did, the night would’ve been worse.

Nice to know ratchet behavior runs in all families

When you’re a celebrity, nowhere is safe for ratchet behavior, not even an elevator at a Met Ball party. At the same time, we see wealthy and famous people are just like us. They have dysfunctional families and ratchet relatives too. Solange is proof that there is a Mama Joyce in every family. Money doesn’t make anyone immune from psycho in-laws. Everyone has cray family members, and it’s okay. Like Jay and Bey, let’s learn to keep our cool.