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To be truly happy is not about feelings or things; it’s about possessing universal and timeless truths that shape the way you think and see the world. Happy people aren’t without troubles and struggles. On the contrary, happy people┬áhave more problems than most. We just commit to not allowing our problems to have us. I’ve learned that sustainable happiness isn’t predicated on having the right things, but having the right attitude rooted in love.┬áThe following are five truths authentically happy people know and live.

1. Don’t be easily offended

Someone once asked me why I’m I not so easily offended. I just find it more productive to be the light than to complain about the darkness.

2. Don’t try to live up to others’ expectations

Trying to be what others expect is a waste of who you really are, your talents and your time. Find what makes you shine on the inside and spend your time and energy spreading that inner light.

3. How you respond to others says more about you than it does them

When you allow the hate of others to change the natural temperature of your character, the haters win. Don’t alter your personality to suit someone’s behavior towards you. Who you are is how you respond. Be you. Let others be who they are.

4. Faith is the foundation of a strong, durable life

Belief and commitment to God makes life livable. It provides proper perspective and peace, knowing that no matter how alone you may feel, you’re never alone, and you’re never without hope.

5. The greatest love is knowing you’re already loved

What all human-beings crave is what he and she already have. You’re already loved, loved and revered by the Creator. Any other love should be an addition not a replacement of the divine love you already have.