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You’ve been friends since middle and high school. Perhaps you met in college or the welfare line and you just click. Either way, your friendship has grown stale and passed its expiration date. The following are five ways to know you really need some new friends.


1. Your Friends Keep Asking to Borrow Money

You’re still waiting on the cash they borrowed three years ago, and here they come with their hands out to borrow more. There’s nothing wrong with helping a friend out once or twice but when they’ve borrowed so much money that you can claim them as dependents on your taxes, it’s time to kick your freeloading friends to the curb. If your name isn’t TD or Wells Fargo, I advise you find new friends who don’t mistake you for an ATM.

2. Just When You Think You’ve Heard All Their Life’s Problems, They Get New Ones

To them, you’re Dr. Phil, Oprah or a pastor. Every outing turns into a trip into their jacked-up choices. You know, the ones you advised them against but they did it anyway. Now you can’t go on with your life because they’re trying to trap you in the Twilight Zone that is their life. Drop them in front of a church, synagogue, mosque and run! They don’t need a friend. They need an exorcist and some divine intervention.

3. They Don’t Get the Concept of Boundaries 

They wear your new shoes before you can wear them. Every outfit you buy, they turn around and buy the same outfit. WTH! They send your mother flowers on Mother’s Day in February, making you look bad. They don’t know where their lives stop and yours begin. They think the two of you are one and what’s yours is theirs. It’s time to put some space between you and them. That way, you can go and they can grow and develop their own identity.

4. They Keep Dating All Your Exes

“You don’t mind if I go out with him, do you?” No. But all of your exes, though? To her you’re eHarmony. All her boyfriends are your exes. It’s time to end this friendship so she go out and meet her own man.

5. When They Breathe, They Lie

They lie as easily as they breathe. Face it. Lennay Kekau is more real than your friends. They lie about what they have, where they’re been and how they are. Time to let them go. You can’t have real relationships with fake friends.