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1. You’re Drinking Too Much

This time of the year is all about enjoying festive times with family and friends. Whether you’re celebrating Christmas, Hanukkah or Ramadan and despite what millions of commercials tell us, the holidays are also a holy time. This is a time of reflection. A time to enjoy those we’re blessed to have in our lives. Making every gathering a reason to get wasted is missing the heart of the holidays. So the next you hear, “Christmas party,” stop thinking “free liquor.” Ease up on the “eggnog.” Stay sober in your thoughts and actions and cherish these special but fleeting moments. It’s hard to cherish what you can’t remember.

2. You’re Spending Too Much

You spent six hours outside of Walmart on black Friday to buy your kid another video game system but barely spend 15 minutes with your child on Monday. You’re breaking your neck and the bank to buy the most expensive gifts for families so they can praise you, but the holidays are not about outgoing each other. In the story of Christmas, the three wise men gave out of thoughtfulness and simply gave out if who they are. (There were no malls.) Giving shouldn’t turn into an Olympic sport where try to outdo each other. It’s about thinking of someone and finding something that you know will brighten their faces without dampening your credit. Remember giving starts from the heart not from the cash register.

3. You’re Stressing Too Much

You’ve agreed to plan all three office parties, cook Christmas dinner for your in-laws and take up an extra shift at work to cover the extra expenses right after you chaperone your kids classroom party. Stop it! Step away From the clipboard slowly. You’re doing too much. The holidays can be like crack to the consummate overachievers. There’s all these opportunities to work yourself nutty and you always volunteer. Then by Christmas you have a betvousr breakdown because doing everything never works out as you think. Just when you realize that clipboard isn’t a magic wand, it’s too late. You’re burnt out and

4. You’re Decorating Too Much

If the outside of your house looks like Santa’s workshop and you don’t live on the north pole, you’re definitely doing too much. It’s one thing to decorate and adorn your home. It’s completely another thing to transform it into another dimension where at night, your neighbors are completely blinded by your millions of streaming lights. We know you like the holidays but Christmas is more about letting your inward light shine. A tree in your home is nice. A tree in every room is obsessive. Enjoy decorating your home with family and friends but ending up with no lights in January because your electric bill was too high in December is not what this time of the year is all about.

5. You’re Doing Too Much

All of a sudden, you to do list has no end. Your day is filled with endless errands that are eating up your mind space. You’re never in the moment with everyone else because you’re always preoccupied with the next thing on your list. Your Christmas list grows every time you run into someone. You’re not Santa; so stop trying to give everyone a gift. Even he isn’t real because bring gifts to everyone in the world is not a dream. It’s a geographical, mental and financial nightmare. Ease up. Do what you can for who you can when you can without losing sight of what’s most important. Reevaluate your priorities. If focusing on the tasks of gifting leaves zero time for you and the ones you care about, you’ve somehow missed the heart of the holidays.