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So last night in my small women’s group, we were talking about friendships: the good, bad, ugly and God’s purpose for friendships. Lot of the ladies spoke of friendships since kindergarten and another talked about a 60 year friendship. I began to feel a bit weird (which I am) cuz I don’t have exclusive friendships. I can be BFF with the chick at Target within seven minutes at the checkout line. Most of my friends live in my head (Anne Hataway, Julie Andrews, jennifer Gardner and singer Adele). I had an invisible friend during childhood name Penelope but she left when my boobs came. She now visits sometimes. Plus I like the freedom of being able to see other people, and some friendships are harder to leave than the mob. Others you almost have to audition for or go thru obstacle courses to enter the “friend” zone. I may not have exclusive friendships but I’m pretty blessed to have women in my life whom I love and who love me….with no strings attached.