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Ginger White gets on my nerves. Not because she had an admitted 13 year affair with a married man, Republican presidential hopeful Herman Cain. Who am I to judge the behavior of a grown woman and the actions of two consenting adults? We’re all flawed beings. None of us are without mistakes or momentary bad judgments. Making a mistake is one thing but bragging about it and profiting from it is another.

Ginger White gets on my nerves because she needs to be quiet. Not because she doesn’t have the right to speak but because she has nothing to say. Ms. White, there’s nothing new about sleeping with a married man. That’s older than dust.  I just hate when women allow themselves to be used.

Today on “Good Morning America” Ms. White said she only came out with the alleged affair to get ahead of the rumors that were about to come out. Really? “I came out being totally honest and so far I have been absolutely humiliated and embarrassed, said White. “It was a very casual affair. Am I proud to admit to that? No, I am not.” Yes you are. Why else would you be on Good Morning America and every publication in between?

Listen, I know fame is the newest addiction in America, beating out crack. I get it. Ms. White will probably get her own reality show or join the other unmarried women of the Real Housewives of Atlanta.  Ginger, if you’re going to spend 13 years getting your freak on with Herman Cain on the low, keep it to yourself. Why come out now with phone records?

White also says she doesn’t have old notes, photos or receipts to prove the affair with Cain because the relationship was private. So when did it become not private? Ms. White says she never thought of keeping things that she could someday share as proof of the affair because she never thought she would tell anyone about it. In other words, she never thought he would run for president. Cain running for president means he could no longer associate with her, meaning her money train would end. Remember when Dan tried to ignore Alex in “Fatal Attraction?” Cain doesn’t have a rabbit White can cook, but he has a campaign she can derail.

I’m no Herman Cain fan. He annoys the hairs on my big toe. Nor do I think he’s fit to lead this country, but a man should be judged by his policies (or lack there of), his stance on the issues that impact Americans, not whether he had an affair.  Ms. White just didn’t come out of thin air. She’s allowing herself to be pimped by someone’s political ambition at the expense and embarrassment of her own children, Mrs. Cain and her family, but for what? Allowing herself to be used to take Cain out of the running is an old political strategy. But as history has repeatedly proven, in this game of politics, Ms. White will be the sole loser, as soon as her 15 minutes are up.