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Many people think having strong convictions is being judgmental, close-minded and archaic in our thinking; as if lies and immoral living is a new phenomenon. Going along with every new fad or popular opinion is basic at the highest level. What we believe is the foundation of what we do and how we see ourselves. Popular culture demands that we live separately from our faith and ignore our moral compass. It pushes us to live ignoring our spiritual health and reality, as if our spiritual lives don’t matter. We’re seduced and enticed to focus on our physical appetites and to let that and popular culture dictate our decisions, actions and way of life.

Today’s so-called new age philosophy is “do you.” In other words, do whatever you want as long as it makes you happy. After all, only God (if you believe in God) can judge you. This is the epitome of basic thinking and one of the biggest lies perpetrated on our generation and the next, which leads to bottom living. If you’re always doing what you want without the thought of what is right, you’ll have no peace or joy, and this eventually leads to destruction. Oh and we don’t decide what is wrong or what is right. What God says is wrong, is wrong. What God says is right, is right. While we’re free to choose, we’re not equipped to create morality. We’re simply responsible for our choices. There’s nothing new about the Do You fad. It’s been around since the beginning when Adam and Eve were seduced into thinking doing what they

wanted instead of  what God required of them would make them wise and like God. It was a lie then, and it’s still a lie.

There’s nothing archaic about truth. Lies are not a new phenomenon. So falling for immorality isn’t trendy. It’s basic. It’s easy. Anyone can go along with the crowd or whatever is popular and accepted at the moment. But standing on your faith even in the midst of ridicule is brave.

Stand on your faith without judgement and finger pointing. If others want to do them, let them. We’re all free to choose. You will be accused of being judgmental not because you’re being judgmental, but refusing to do what others are doing will make you stand out. Your convictions will shed a light on their dark choices and behaviors, and you will be accused of being religious, standoffish or a goody too shoes (if folks still use that phrase).

Don’t give in to their taunts and social pressures. Honor your faith and moral compass. Remember, just because you’re a person of faith doesn’t mean you won’t make mistakes. We all do. I always say Christians aren’t Christians because we’re perfect. Far from it. Christians are Christians because we recognize and accept the truth that we need Jesus. This is not about perfection. This is about sanctification, the process of becoming and doing better. But basic people keep making the same mistakes and eventually this becomes a habit. Brave people recognize their mistakes and wrong choices and turn away from them and commit to being and doing better.

Your faith creates your moral compass which becomes the GPS that helps you navigate life. If you have no moral compass, you go nowhere. Even if it seems like you’re going places, you’ll end up nowhere and definitely the place you don’t want to be. If you commit to your faith and moral compass, there’s no limit to how far you can go. Be brave. Stand on your faith.