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Everyday it seems another celebrity wants to come out with her own perfume. These celebrities coming out with their own line of perfumes and fragrances need to seriously stop. While your fans may love your music or your movies, we have no desire to smell like you. Seriously.

Any fan buying up your fragrance, should be of concern to you. Ask yourself: why do they want to smell like me? It’s almost Single White Female-ish. Having people smell like you isn’t something to celebrate; it’s cause for serious caution, and frankly it’s quite creepy.

So famous people, please stop abusing and misusing our love, affection and devotion. Just because we buy your albums, download your music, stand in line for your shows and overpay to see your concerts and movies doesn’t mean you need to pimp your perfume to us.

Instead of coming out with your own line of perfumes, why not come out with items your fans use regularly. Design your own line of Febreze and turn a smelly dorm room into lavender paradise, perhaps also create your own brand of cleaning solutions, glass cleaner or disinfecting sprays. Those are things your fans use daily. Those are things we buy regularly.

When it’s raining outside,  I’d love a Rihanna umbrella or a FourFiveSeconds laundry detergent and fabric softener. Who wouldn’t love a Taylor Swift room deodorizer or Bad Blood tampons and maxi pads? What about a Demi Lovato Cool for the Summer hand sanitizer. a Miley Cyrus mouth wash, Britney Spears razor or a Beyonce mop where everyone can clean like a queen?  So stop with the signature perfumes. We can’t afford it and more importantly, we don’t need to smell like you.