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I know we’re all rushed and in a hurry. We have a million things to do and a zillion places to go, but not starting your day off right could lead to disaster. Having a great day starts with a good morning routine. You have to make first things first. Life is about priority and placement. You have to put what’s important first and everything will fall into its proper place and perspective.

1. Make time to pray

If your alarm has to go off at 6:30 for you to start your day, set it for 15 minutes or so earlier; so you have time to spend with God. You have to set a time, a specific time to spend with God. Corrie Ten Boom said, “Make an appointment with God and keep it.” Don’t try to fit God into your busy day as an afterthought. Make Him your first priority of your day. He knows what your day will bring. So through your deliberate morning prayer time, you’ll get His strength, wisdom and peace to get through whatever the day brings. Oh and if you don’t believe in God, pray anyway. Pray like there’s a possibility He exists.

2. Make time to read

Getting out of bed should not be a mundane occurrence or a race to rush hour. Take time to nurture and stimulate your mind and heart with devotional and inspiring reading. Don’t reach for the newspaper! Read a passage of the Bible, a devotional book or reading material that encourages and enlightens. Then meditate on the message and its content. Use the wisdom and insights to bring you positive and encouraging focus to your day before embracing your unlimited to do list.

3. Make time for you

Take a walk. Not only is it great exercise, it’s also great time to spend with you, yourself and you, no one else. With family, coworkers, friends and social media, it’s seems we never enjoy a moment alone. When we are alone, thanks to text messages, emails and social media notifications, we’re never truly alone. We’re always bombarded with opinions, conversations and drama of others. But make time in the morning for at least a 20 minute walk alone, no music or just soothing music, and think about yourself, your growth and talk to yourself or with God. Key is to spend valuable calming time with you before your day is invaded by the world.

4. Make time for breakfast

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day; it’s also an important time to spend with your family and the ones you love. I know everyone’s schedules vary and between school buses, carpool and scheduling conflicts, it’s often difficult to see your family for more than 12 seconds in the mornings, but you have to make family morning time a priority. You can’t always take for granted you’ll have dinner time or even tomorrow. So make time in the morning to eat together and pray together. This keeps your family, marriage, relationships connected, and prayer with your kids and those you love is a powerful reminder that as they go through their day, they’re not alone. Even if it’s only a ten minutes breakfast time, if you do it everyday, it adds up and the rewards are endless.

5. Make music part of your morning

Waking up in the morning can be traumatic, especially during the cold months when your warm comfy bed doesn’t want to let you go. Thinking of all the things you have to do today is enough to make you want to stay in bed till retirement. Great, energetic and positive music can be just the thing you need to spring you up out of bed and have you dancing through your day. The mind is a powerful theater; so give it something great to think on and dance to. If you have small kids or big kids, pick a song the whole family can get down to. Every morning when they hear that song, they’ll know what time it is and they’ll associate mornings with energy and fun. They will brush their teeth and get dressed for the day with a song on their lips and rhythm in their steps. Even your grumpy teenager will smile watching you do your morning break dance. What better way to celebrate the rise of a new day than with music. Songs in the morning turns ever morning into a birthday party. Don’t dread the day. Celebrate the day each morning with music, singing and dancing. Morning fun is the most important fun of the day.