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Everyday it seems there’s a new Hollywood break up. From Ben and Jennifer, Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert, Gwen and Gavin, Big Sean and Ariana Grande, McDreamy and his wife, Sean Penn and Charlize Theron, to Kermit and Miss Piggy, it seems no Hollywood marriage or relationship is safe from splitsville. So with the rich and famous breaking up, most of us are wondering if our relationships and marriages are safe. If Ben and Jen and Blake and Miranda can’t make it work, what hope is there for normal couples? Before you panic, the following are five ways to keep your relationship together when everyone in Hollywood is breaking up.

1. Maintain a positive relationship attitude

Don’t bring celebrity marital problems and reported rumors into your relationship. Every relationship has its own problems; so there’s no need to include Hollywood marital beefs into your working class world and conversations. Date night is no time to talk about how Ben reportedly did Jen dirty or who cheated on whom with Blake and Miranda. Mind your own marriage and focus on your relationship. You don’t need to start discussing and disagreeing about other people’s breakups reported by a thirsty media. Keep your mind free of their drama and fill your mind with good things about the one you love and the one you’re with.

2. Don’t accuse him of something a celebrity reportedly did

Just because Ben Affleck is reportedly dating the nanny doesn’t mean you need to fire your attractive babysitter. Just because Ben may have strayed doesn’t mean your man is straying. All men aren’t the same. So stop giving yours the side eye. This is no time to rehash disagreements from the past because you think you see similarities with celebrity couples’ breakups. Let the past remain in the past. Your man is not Ben, Blake, Kermit or Gavin. So don’t accuse him of what the media is accusing those guys of doing. Plus this my all be a spin to promote movies, relevancy or new music. Don’t allow your relationship to get swept away by the celebrity public relations tide. It’s strong but you must resist.

3. Talk about ways you both can make the relationship better

Keeping a marriage or relationship together is the responsibility of both individuals. You both have to be committed to doing the work. Don’t wait till you’re in a heated argument to discuss what needs improvement in the relationship or marriage. Regularly discuss ways in which you both can grow your love. Be proactive in your pursuit of compatibility and happiness. Make improving and bettering the relationship a constant priority. If you do this, you will stay off the Us Weekly breakup announcements.

4. Surround yourself with other happy couples

Negativity breeds more negativity. Positivity brings fulfillment. Find and befriend couples whom are doing love right. Double date with couples who love, respect and value each other. This doesn’t mean their relationship is without challenges and flaws, but they’ve learned how to weather those storms and are filled with love, wisdom and insights. Let them be your couple companions. Being around couples who hate each other or are addicted to drama could create a rift in your relationship and disturb your marital peace. Surround your relationship with couples are committed to the process of love.

5. Don’t thirst for others’ personal drama

When you see another headline about another Hollywood breakup, don’t click on the article. You honestly don’t need to know the rumored details of what the media thinks happened between two people. Imagine if someone reported on every argument you and your spouse or significant other had. What goes on between two lovers is their business. Even if the media tries to make it our business, it clearly isn’t. Respect the privacy of celebrity couples. Better yet, don’t feed the celebrity gossip culture. Remember, mind your own marriage and focus on your own relationship. If you’re committed to yours, you have no time to worry about what’s happening between Ben and Jen.