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Chad Johnson, formerly known as Ochocinco and currently known on his Twitter bio as a lover of women and cars. “I love women… not as much as I love my Smart Car… I’m Richly Unemployed because I act my wage… Some call me Pepe or the black Christian Grey.” Yes, that Chad Johnson is trying desperately to get back in the NFL. At 35, the former Miami Dolphins, New England Patriots and Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver believes he still has what it takes to contribute and compete in the NFL. “I would love to get a second chance to play the game that I love,” Johnson recently told Comcast SportsNet Houston. Chad, who hasn’t played since being cut by the Dolphins before the start of the 2012 season, also acknowledged his off-field issues, including an arrest for domestic battery last year. “There are not very many people who get second chances. I think I’ve been good to the NFL and for the NFL. At this point, I’ve learned my lesson and tried to right all my wrongs. I am human.”

Days after uttering these words, Chad ignites a Twitter beef with his ex-wife’s publicist. In his Twitter rant, he’s angry, crude and immature. Clearly, Chad has failed to learn his lesson or he still doesn’t get it. The last time anyone saw Chad play in the NFL, he had 15 catches for 276 yards in 2011 with the Patriots. Even with those dismal numbers, the Dolphins took a chance on the ostentatious wide-out before cutting him last summer after he allegedly assaulted his then wife, reality TV personality, Evelyn Lozado, with whom he’s till publicly feuding.

Acknowledging your public mistakes is not the same as learning from those mistakes.  The following are some lessons we all hope Chad Johnson learns quickly.

It’s time to grow up, now

At age 35, the father of four isn’t getting any younger. Even if we’re to believe his football skills are still legit, his head has yet to fully mature. It’s time for Chad to step back and truly examine his life and priorities, and focus on what’s important right now. Hopefully high on that list is being a good father and a better man.

The NFL is a professional league not a circus

With all the years Chad has spent in the NFL, you’d think he would’ve learned that the NFL is a professional organization with rules, standards and an image to project and protect. No, Chad you can’t act like a fool anymore. It may have been entertaining at one point but it’s become a sad sideshow. Until you start to conduct yourself like a grown man, the NFL will never welcome you back.

Get help now

Chad Johnson needs therapy, counseling and a spiritual awakening. With issues of domestic batteries and vitriolic responses toward women, Chad needs to get off Twitter and get help. Hopefully in the process, Chad will discover who he really is and live up to the great man that lies deep, way deep inside.