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We live in a time when people will do almost anything for attention and validation. Everyone wants to be noticed, valued and loved. Even with social media and endless access to family, friends and strangers, people feel lonelier than ever. Married or single, there’s a deep longing we all have to feel valued and recognized by others.

Oftentimes, we place value or lack thereof on self, based on how others see us. If we’re ignored, put down, passed over, and unnoticed, we feel worthless. Sometimes family, friends, coworkers, those we love and those we want to love us don’t notice us. As a result, we think God doesn’t notice us either. But He does. God sees us as who we are and who He’s destined us to be.

Just because you seem invisible to the world doesn’t mean you’re invisible to God. He sees you. He loves you. He wants to be with you. He never takes his eyes off you. Until you realize that the Creator of the universe notices you and loves you unconditionally, there will always be an emptiness that runs deep; an emptiness no one can fill and a thirst that nothing else can quench.

We were made by God to not live without Him. No matter who we are, what we believe or don’t believe, we all need God, and that’s a good thing. His love and affirmation are the foundation on which we’re able to stand against the struggles and loneliness of life. Remember, you don’t have to do anything special or pretend to be anything you’re not to be noticed by God. He already sees you and will never stop loving you.