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I sometimes have to pinch myself when I feel so content even when life is filled with moments of strife, betrayal, discouragement and disappointment. Almost a year ago, my life changed forever. The change has been both wonderful and challenging. As you can see, I didn’t say it’s been good and bad. To call those moments of disappointments bad almost seems entitled, as if we’re only supposed to go through life with thornless roses and sunshine. we need the rain so our faith and strength can grow.

I refer to those disappointments and painful moments as challenging because they are. Challenging times and situations call on us to either step up or wither. They expose what we’re really made of, not in a judgmental way but in a self-assessment and self-check way. Challenging times demand us to show what we’re really made of. Are you just someone who is high on life when life is up? Or are you a person rooted and grounded in something far stronger and bigger than you that you don’t allow life circumstances to belittle you or minimize your worth?

There has been so many monumental life changes this past year, painful ones and amazing ones. Honestly, I’m grateful for them all. This doesn’t mean I don’t have moments of stomach-churning pain and tearful moments. I do. I allow myself to have those moments. When someone cuts you, you bleed. You can’t say “I don’t want to bleed.” You can stop the bleeding but bleeding is a natural response to being cut. Bleeding is natural. Crying, sadness from pain is natural. But to stay crying and sad is unnatural. We can’t stay there. My faith compels my joy. If you allow yourself to bleed out, you die. If we allow ourselves to stay sad, we’ll never live.