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You think too much

Stop thinking that every man wants to get in your panty. He does. So get over it. If he didn’t, you shouldn’t be interested. Just because he wants to doesn’t mean he will. Stop turning your nose at him because he finds you attractive. Get to know him so he can see beyond your outer beauty and see the depth of your soul, but he never will, if you don’t get over what you think he’s thinking and give him a chance.

You want too much

You want Bill Gates money and Brad Pitt looks. News flash! Not gonna happen.  Throw out that dang list of what you want in a man. Go with the flow.  After all you don’t have Angelina Jolie’s body and Oprah’s cash.

You work too much

Unless you plan to date the milkman or the mailman, you won’t meet a man if you’re working overtime all the time. Take a day off, let your hair down and meet folks.

You worry too much

Let’s face it. Stress is not hot. Nothing turns a guy off faster than your issues and your bills. Does he really need to know about your student loans or that eviction notice? Stress is not attractive. So handle your business. Put on a smile and ooze contentment. Wait till you’re married to lay all that crap on him.

You dream too much

After spending years reading fairy-tales, you’re still waiting for your knight in shinny armor. Guess what? He ain’t coming and his armpit got mad chinks in it. Prince Charming is only real in fairy-tales. come down to earth and meet a nice normal guy with sexy health benefits.