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As women, everyone is always trying to tell us how to act and when to speak and where our place is. ┬áBut a woman’s place is whoever she places herself. Let’s stop making concessions for who we are and our convictions. The following are give things we should never apologize for.

Don’t Apologize for knowing what you want

1. Ladies, never apologize for being a strong woman who knows what she wants and refuses to settle for what she doesn’t want. Accepting the unacceptable doesn’t make you humble. It makes you a doormat. Don’t apologize for not agreeing to be walked on.

Don’t apologize for demanding happiness

2. Never apologize for wanting to be happy. Happiness in a relationship is liking what you give and liking what you get back in return. If you’re not happy with either, you must commit to giving and┬áreceiving more by letting go of less. Remember, you’ll never get more settling for less.

Don’t apologize for having and expressing your voice

3. Don’t apologize for being outspoken. Let the quiet ladies do it their way and more power to them. But if you’re the kind of lady that speaks out against injustice, unfairness and what you think is wrong, keep speaking. Speak with controlled passion, precision and conviction. Whether you stay quiet or speak out, you will always offend someone. So be true to your own voice.

Don’t apologize for what you can’t change–the past

4. Never apologize for your past transgressions. If you’ve done wrong, own it but never apologize for not being perfect. No one is. Your mistakes are part of your maturation process. They’re growing you into the woman you are and the woman you’re striving to become. Don’t run from them. Learn from them. Own them. Use them as a springboard to betterment and success. But don’t ever allow anyone to keep you in the past, not when you have so much to look forward to and enjoy.

Don’t apologize for your beliefs and convictions

5. Never apologize for your spiritual convictions and standing. Everyone has the right not to believe, and you have the right to believe. Exercise your right to spiritual and moral convictions, not in a judgmental way but in an authentic way. Never apologize for loving God and believing in Him. Let everyone choose whatever path or lifestyle they desire. Never apologize for choosing a life that honors God.