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Your man has gone nearly 240 days without football. Please don’t wait till the season starts to want to bond over anything other than football. Football is back, and if you’re one of a very few women who don’t enjoy the game, for the next four months, you have to tread lightly. Your man loves you, and during football season, there will be two days a week for him to show you just how much. The following are five things you can do to not work his nerves during the football season:

1. Hands off the remote

All summer long, you’ve overdosed on your endless Lifetime movies and Cupcake Wars marathons. Please don’t touch the remote on game day. No, you can’t check what’s coming up next cuz during football season and on gameday, football is the only thing on next.

2. Don’t plan any couple activities on Mondays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays.

No he can’t attend that couples karaoke night with your annoying married friends from work. It’s Monday night, and the game is on. Don’t even think about rescheduling it for Thursday night. He has a date every Thursday night with Rich Eisen and the guys at NFL Network before the game. Yes, Thursday night is game night. He will be doing no chores on Saturdays that require him to be off the couch and away from the tv. No worries, your honey-do list will be completed during basketball season. He will attend church on Sundays only if he can make it back to the couch before kickoff; so tell the pastor to keep it short.

3. Gametime and halftime are no time to have a talk about your feelings or the state of the relationship.

When you’re feeling emotionally vulnerable or have some issues to get off your chest, please don’t attempt to have an Oprah moment during Tebow time. That’s why god created Facebook and Twitter. Log on and share with someone who’s into baseball. They have time.

4. Embrace the noise

Football is an intense game. With intensity comes various noises and sound effects. Don’t try complaining about the noise. He can’t hear you.

5. Join in the fun or go shopping or re-read 50 Shades of Gray.

Grab a team jersey and join the fun. If football is not your thing, I feel sorry for you. Prepare to spend a lot of time on Pinterest.