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Rapper Tyga aka Kylie Jenner’s 25 year-old boyfriend reportedly bought his underage girlfriend a $260,000 Ferrari for her 18th birthday. I was surprised not at his blatant stupidity. I was surprised the father and rapper, whose recent album sold about 12 copies, could afford such a lavish gift.  But this isn’t about Tyga and Kylie. This is about handling news of your ex and/or kid’s father buying his girlfriend expensive gifts. The following are five ways to properly respond to your ex or children’s father lavishing his current girlfriend with expensive things.

1. Make sure your kid’s future is secure

Take pictures of those lavish gifts and get an increase in child support. Just inform the court that your ex is truly crying out to do more financially for his kids.  Why else is he throwing large sums of  money on things that don’t matter. This is definitely a cry for help, and the court needs to honor his inner cry to do more and pay more in child support, better health insurance, private school and securing debt-free college education for his child. Don’t respond out of anger. Respond out of necessity. Girlfriends come and go but a financial investment in the life and education of your child lasts a lifetime. So make sure you kid’s future is secured.

2. Respond with peace and love

Be so busy enjoying your life, you’re unbothered with his insecurities and need to overspend. As long as your kids are being taken care of and their educational needs are met, he can buy 15 Ferrari. Cars depreciate. Peace of mind doesn’t.

3. Give him no social media attention

Don’t go on a three paragraph Facebook rant about him and his woman and how six years ago he couldn’t afford cheese on a burger. Don’t do it. That only makes you look petty and bitter. Don’t engage in random subtweets on Twitter about him, his girl or the new whip. Focus on your own life and the well-being of your children.  Post authentic life enjoying pictures of your life with your family and those you love and those who love you, reminding yourself and those expecting you to be angry and bitter, what truly matters in life.

4. Instill fiscal responsibility in your kid

Become more vigilant in teaching your kids how to view and manage money. Let your kid know that in the real world, folks don’t give you things you didn’t earn. Teach your child the value of a dollar and how to spend and save wisely. Show your child the value and rewards of hard work and fiscal responsibility. Your kid is clearly not getting that lesson from your ex.  Don’t badmouth his dad to your child. Just show your child that there are better ways to manage money, and to never go into debt spending six-figures on a car for a teenage future ex. But remember, no shade.

5. Don’t go backwards

When you were with him, he never lavished with you exotic cars and gifts. Perhaps when you were together, you guys were just trying to make ends meet, grinding in college, working nonstop to build a future and a life together, but forever came a lot sooner than you expected, and the relationship or marriage ended. It’s okay. Don’t long for what could’ve been because what could’ve been didn’t happen. Embrace your own life and reality. Focus on your dreams and goals. Make sure the child or children you two have together are nurtured and loved. Remember, being content with your life and progress is the best response.