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Loving someone is a journey into the unfamiliar and the unpredictable. You’re in this vehicle call love and compatibility; then you run into complexities. There are always complexities when you love someone. Because when people change, evolve, grow, complexities arise. Should you then pull over and check the direction of your relationship or should you just keep driving through the fog in hopes of hitting daylight? No one really knows for sure because no two individuals are the same; therefore no two relationships are the same.

Contrary to what we’re told as children and what we read in fairy-tales, there are no guarantees in love. Love promises no one anything. Love means what it says when it says it. But love often writes a check that the heart can’t consistently cash. What happens when the heart can no longer keep love’s promises? A wise man once said love is not a feeling. It’s a commitment. But what happens when the heart can no longer keep that commitment? Anyone who makes a vow he knows he doesn’t intend to keep is a deceiver. But one who makes a vow he commits to keep but the heart later changes, is simply human.