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The amount of time we spend with our phones and on our phones is endless. We’re never without our phones. Like it or not, our cells have become an extension of us. They keep us connected to others and provide great personal features that keep us on top of our game and entertained. We cherish them. We take care of them. Imagine if we channeled our cell phone love affair into our relationship with our mate. The following are five ways to love thy mate as thy iPhone.

1. Don’t break it

The amount of care we take to keep our phones from breaking should go into our carefulness not to break the heart of the one we love. A broken phone is not good to look at, often doesn’t work properly and depending on where it’s broken, it can hurt the user. Same is true for a person with a broken heart. So take care of the heart of the one you love. Like your new iPhone, do everything you can to keep from breaking your mate’s heart. If you do accidentally break it, make sure you do your best not to make this a habitual thing. Like broken phones, broken hearts can be costly and not all data can be retrieved. So take care of it.

2. Keep it charged

Keep the relationship on fire and fully charged by keeping it powered up with love, acts of kindness and honesty. Relationships are powered by time, attention and acts of love. Don’t neglect the one you love. Remember how helpless and vulnerable you feel when you’re out and your phone is on 20%. Keep your love on 100 by nurturing it and by making it a priority. Without power, all you have is a pretty phone with many features and capabilities but it doesn’t work. Acts of love are the chargers to your love. Keep it powered up.

3. Cover and protect it

Don’t leave your phone vulnerable to the elements or your neglect, clumsiness and carelessness. Take care of your mate by keeping the one you love protected, shielded through loyalty and sincerity. Bad weather and tough times are not excuses to neglect the upkeep and protection of your relationship. Like your iPhone, don’t let your love drown in the sea of neglect and under appreciation. Keep it covered and protected encased with diliberate care, compassion and honesty.

4. Keep connected

Communication is the wifi that keeps you and your mate connected. Don’t be without wifi. Talk constantly and consistently. Look at the one you love the way you look at your phone when you get that text or email you’ve been waiting for. Love your mate like he or she is the latest iPhone and not a flip phone.

5. Don’t ignore update reminder

Your iPhone’s software needs to be updated regularly so your features are up to date and bugs are fixed and phone is working properly. Same is true for your relationship. Keep the love fresh and anew by making each day together count. Leave the past behind and live in the moment. Do new things and enjoy new experiences together. Remember your mate is your highest upgrade. No trade will do.