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When we’re little, we think age decides maturity and gives power through freedom. How many times did we say, “I can’t wait till I’m 18.” As if 18 was the magical age where we become masters of our universe. How soon did we realize the errors of our delusions.

At age 42, I’m still learning about myself. I’m still discovering who I am and how to be better at being me. I’m still learning things I thought I’d known. This absolutely fascinates me. This is not at all what I thought being a grown up would be when I was a kid. That is a great thing.

When we’re young, we somehow believe that being an adult is a destination, a final point of arrival where we control everything and life obeys our commands. Being an adult is a journey, a process in which we build better relationships with ourselves by deliberately getting to know ourselves, owning our mistakes, learning from our mistakes, being opened to new possibilities and more importantly surrendering our will, emotions, motives and plans into the hands of our Creator.

The height of our wisdom and evolution as adults is realizing we gain power and peace through surrendering to the will of God and that our validation must be rooted in His eternal love for us, not in our jobs, education, socioeconomic status or who our friends are. But this doesn’t happen overnight. The process of becoming is a lifelong journey. Enjoy it.