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You can’t miss them. They rushed out of bed to get to work, looking like the best part of their week is behind them and they’re now heading to the goulitte. They look sad, angry but focused. They’re already dreaming about 5pm, and it’s only 7am. They will run you over like an Indy car racer. They have zero time for pleasantries. Good morning is not in their vernacular. They don’t care about you or your greetings. They’re about that Monday morning work they wish they didn’t have to get up for. But they do have to go to work. If you’re not walking 55 miles per minute, you’re standing in their way.

Their hair is wet because they stayed in bed till the last minute and ran from their shower to run you over for a spot on the train, bus, shuttle. They come alive only on the weekend. They’re Monday people. If you want to see them smile, find them at 4:59pm on Friday.