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Gossip and fashion magazines, television shows and social media all fawn over the rich and famous. The public becomes obsessively fascinated with their luxury cars, pricey designer clothes, ostentatious homes and who they’re dating. We become emotionally invested in the details of their lives provided by their image crafters. We awe over their surgically enhanced bodies and store-front hairdos. To us, they seem to live the ideal life. Why? Because we live in a world where money and fame are more admired than self-respect. So people will do anything to become rich and famous, while people who value honor and respect are perceived as weak and unbeautiful.

That’s why most kids in the hood want to become rappers or pro athletes; and in the city and suburbs, young girls want to become models, leaning on their looks and sexual prowess to become rich, famous or have access to men who are. We value money and fame above all else. The love of money has become the perfume that masks insecurities, loneliness, and unhappiness. We live in a “Get money” instead of a “Get wisdom” culture.

Having honor and self-respect isn’t reserved for the poor. There are wealthy men and women who are honorable and serve their communities. You can be rich and honorable. What sets these individuals apart from the attention slaves and fame stalkers is their lack of obsession with money, and they’re not fame chasers. Honorable people aren’t perfect. They just don’t allow what they have or don’t have to define who they are. To them, wealth is a by-product and result, not the goal or their identity. After all, the things we allow to define us also have the power to make or break us.

So while you’re feeling a little small today with your non-famous life and underwhelming bank account, put more investment in kindness, service to others, self-respect and purpose-driven goals. You may not gain three million Twitter followers or land the cover of Vogue, but you’ll be rich in every way that truly counts.

Remember, the celebrity industry, while adoring you on your way up will mock you and tear you down when you fall. Money gets people‚Äôs attention but not their respect. One thing that will always outlast the obsession with money is self-respect and honor; that’s a sweet, lasting aroma of peace and purpose that never fades or goes out of style.