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Every presidential election season, Republicans make pro-life the only issue, while Democrats want you to either profess that God doesn’t exist or you’re not to believe what He clearly says. Democrats want you to deny your faith to walk the line of the party, but who are we without faith in our Creator? Republicans claim to be the God party and morality police, but their hate for President Obama seems stronger than their love for God. Their commitment to deregulation at all cost and often disdain for those who don’t look like them or agree with then often nullifies their morality message.

Democrats want to be all things to all people all of the time. You can’t be all things to all people all the time. You have to put your foot down every now and then and say heck no. Democrats have become the white walls in a new apartment. Paint whatever color you want and when you leave, make sure it’s white again so someone else can paint whatever color he or she wants. That’s not reality. Republicans have become less pro-people and more pro-self and politics. Republicans have become the party who’s counting on voters love for unborn babies and hate of others to win.

But America is so much more than these two party. Watching the Democratic National Convention speeches, I’d noticed God was relegated to “God bless America,” but nothing more substantive. This morning when I saw the CSPAN video and read about Dems taking out God and Jerusalem from its platform, only to re-add  as of yesterday to the anger of most of its delegates, I was saddened. What can America be without God. Without faith in God, could a man by the name of Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr have possessed the courage and strength to make our country a civil and more humane place to live?

Being pro God doesn’t make me anti-people or unintelligent. My faith in God allows me to hope in the midst of despair and to always choose love over indifference. Faith in God allows us to go beyond our limited intelligence, fleeting feelings and insufferable differences. Faith in God is the foundation of strength for a people and for a nation. Like a pricey car with no gas, when we leave God behind, we go nowhere.