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Getting what you want doesn’t bring peace. All the cash on the planet cannot produce peace. Peace is knowing that God cares. Getting things, money doesn’t bring confidence. Knowing who God is and how much he loves and cares about me breeds confidence, strength. It’s not in things but in faith that we are secured in who He is and who we are in Him.

Trust God in every moment and every situation. Rest in his love. Let it produce fearlessness and courage when hopelessness and anxiety try to creep in. Know that no matter what God is on my side because I’m on His side. Even when I’m in the wrong, He still loves me and isn’t here to punish me but to strengthen me and help me to grow and further lean on His love.

He doesn’t love me because I’m flawless or because I do everything right. He loves me because that’s just who He is. When I’m feeling overwhelmed, that’s not a time to move inward but a time to call on Him and run to Him, not away from Him. In those moments, I must remember just how much He loves me and hasn’t changed his mind about me. He hasn’t changed his mind about the life and the plan He has for me. This should define me. His love makes me who I am.