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So much of our minds activity is set on replaying moments of pain, disappointments and anguish. We tell ourselves we’ll let it go, but we don’t. We promise to let it go after we’ve fully understood why it happened or after we tell one more person. We so want someone else to validate our pain, our frustration and our unforgiveness. When we do forgive, we just cannot seem to shake what has happened and how it has impacted and impaired our ability to live in the present.

Six months later, six years later, we somehow allow ourselves to take mind trips and odyssey to the past. Reliving past hurts provide us excuses as to why we’re not doing more or being more.  We are glued to the past and its omnipresent welcomed invasion into our present and stagnating our future.

We can’t stay woke sleeping with the past. We can’t be alert distracted by failed relationships, betrayal, professional discouragements and setbacks. Don’t entertain those feelings. Leave them in the past. They won’t be part of our future if we don’t bring them into the present.

Afterall, how can new opportunities present themselves when we’re content with rehashing old failures? Let them go. It’s not about who was right or who was wronged. It’s about winning. We win when we don’t dwell on the past but be remain always gratefully present. 

Daily Reminder: Your future in not in your past.