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Why is Ohio State football struggling? This is something I’ve heard and read relentlessly this past week. From the panic and shade on the airways, it’s hard to believe we’re among the teams of unbeatens. Believe it or not, Ohio State football is 3-0 but somehow critics say we’re struggling. I think people forget that everything in life, when done well, is a process. Greatness is a process. Life itself is a process. Good or bad, people often judge and evaluate you based on what you did last year, last season or even yesterday, but life is progressive, and each day, each game must stand on its own as it builds on the lessons each day and each game bring.

Yes the offense is not quite what it was last season, but it’s not supposed to be. The offense is right where it needs to be to get where it’s going to be. The offense is adapting to changes, like we all do in our daily lives. Nothing is ever stagnant but death. Life is movement and adjustments. Players aren’t chess pieces. They’re moving, breathing individuals who in various ways adapt and adjust to changes. Oh and coaches are people too. They’re not Jedi masters or wizards. They’re men who are learning, adjusting and figuring it out in real time. This is what I like about our team and our coaches. They’re humans. We make mistakes. We work it out and we move forward together. This is what builds a great team into a strong family and an unstoppable unit. You grow together, not apart.

As defending national champions, we are who are today not what we did last year or even last week. Last season was amazing, and we created lasting memories and made history. Now we forge ahead. We’re not panicked. We’re adjusting to changes while still winning. Other playoff contenders have already lost. We haven’t. Not because we’re better than others as individuals, but because we’re patient with our growth and adjustments, and we have great players who play as a unit. We remain dedicated to coming up with real, authentic and effective rhythm that will propel us forward each game of the season. We’re not aiming to please or pacify others but to make adjustments that fit who we are, what we do and the talent on our team. This takes time, authenticity, strength and dedication to teamwork and the game-plan.

There is no quarterback controversy at Ohio State. Our guys are dedicated to each other and the game-plan cultivated by the coaches. We have two gifted quarterbacks and a smart, creative and effective head coach who has been opened about the challenges that comes with choosing a quarterback. I think often people forget that football is played by humans not robots. So while others assume, analyze, guess and speculate, we’re busy getting better. If you want drama, watch the Real Housewives of New Jersey. Everything is moving forward with the 3-0 Ohio State Buckeyes.