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After 14 years as quarterback for the Indianapolis Colts, Peyton Manning is professionally single for the first time in his NFL career. This is a rare and strange time for Peyton who has spent his entire professional career with one team, one organization, one city. Like a newly divorced man after years of marriage, the following are some perspectives for Peyton to keep in mind as he plays the free agent field:

Take Your Time

Enjoy being wanted. Don’t rush into another team relationship quickly. Remember, whatever relationship you enter, it will never be as good as your former. It will probably not even yield the same results, but that’s okay. Take your time.

Keep Your Options Open 

Don’t jump on the first girl, I mean the first team that wants to bed you. Look at what they say and listen to what they do. Everyone’s going to make lots of promises, but don’t put your heart into their promises. Set your own internal options and be true to your own expectations.

Avoid Enticing Quick Fixes

You’re just getting off some major surgeries, and everyone got just the thing to get you back to your former health. Don’t believe the hype. Avoid the five hour energy fixes. Like a 60 year old man dating a 24 year old woman, you won’t be able to get down like you used to, but it’s okay. Avoid the pull of a potentially fatal four hour erection and just stick to your own recovery pace. Don’t expect too much too soon. Ease into your motions, your throwing motions.

Don’t Believe the Hype

Every team may say, “You are the one to take them to the Promised Land.” Don’t believe that hype. You are not THE one. You are now one of other ones. At 36 years old, you’ll never be with your new team or teams as long as you were with the Colts. You may not be the player you used to be, but know that you’re a greater man than you’ve ever been. Enjoy being wooed. Dream of new uniform colors. Embrace the free agency living. Remember, if you get lonely or homesick, you can always hit Jim Irsay on Twitter, and good Luck. No pun intended.