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Republican Leadership Silence is...
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Saddest part of this election season isn’t Trump winning primaries but the loud silence from Republican leadership. You can’t be the so-called moral party and sit idle as Trump spews hate and vitriol. Not one Republican leader has stood up to say Trump’s views do not represent Republican values. They’re willing to play politics with American lives and its standing in the world. Oh and church and religious leaders are silent too, except for the Pope. God bless him for speaking out.

And Hillary in a past speech calling black teens “super predators” who need to be “heel,” Democrat and black leadership sitting idle on that too. Safe to say Republicans are no longer the so-called God party and Democrats are no longer the party of the people. Both political parties are just that political parties. Let’s stop attaching moral codes and savior mentality to either of them.

You’re not godly because you vote Republican. You’re not a champion for civil rights because you vote Democrat. These parties are supposed to be working for the people of this great country. We aren’t to bow down to them. Time to stand up for what’s right, what’s decent, what’s American.