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I’m married and I still find all the thirst associated with Valentine’s Day a bit annoying. I can only imagine the frustrations of my single sisters. Ladies, no sweat. Thankfully Valentine’s Day, like any other day of the week, is merely 24 hours. So all you have to do is get through the day. The following are five ways to survive Valentines Day without falling into any thirst traps.

1. Take a religious approach

Take my Jewish friends’ approach to Christmas. When folks ask you, “Hey what are you doing for Valentine’s day?” Just smile and say, “Oh I don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day. That’s against my beliefs.” Thanks to the freedom of religion, you will be left alone without judgement.

2. Watch TV shows and films that show the dark side of relationships

Watch Marriage Bootcamp, Wives with Knives on ID Channel and you’ll thank God you’re single. Fatal Attraction with Glenn Close is another perfect flick for the temporary single ladies. The objective is not to demonize love and marriage. The purpose is to enjoy your season of singleness and not feel the need to rush to find a man because it’s Valentines Day. These shows and movies will help you manage your patience levels.

3. Turn off your phone

Take today to be good to yourself and spend some quality time with you. Avoid all calls from your mom unless you want to hear five million reasons why you’re still single. Not today mom. Not today.

4. Stay off Facebook

Everyone’s relationship will look flawless on this day, and you don’t want to be a part of such public deception.

5. Spread love through service

Go and volunteer at an animal shelter, nursing home or homeless shelter. You have so much love to give and there’s no better way to express love on Valentine’s Day than serving others.