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It’s great to have people who love you provide their insights into your life and decisions. But sometimes its best to get away, withdraw from the opinions of others in order to hear the truth from God in order to find your inner voice and strength. Time alone helps us gain perspective and listen to a greater voice. Sometimes you have to disconnect to reconnect to your calling and your focus. Sometimes you need to get away from the noise of expectations and fear. Go to a quiet place and hear from above so you can find your footing.

Withdrawing at times is often best to find real answers and solutions to questions and situations happening around us. Everyone has an opinion on what you should do. But they don’t. As much as they mean well, oftentimes you have to get away to get your answers. That means tuning out people and noise around you. Don’t feel guilty for taking time out for yourself. Sometimes you need to step back to move forward.